Top 10 benefits of warehouse management system for SMEs in UAE

Warehouse Management System in UAE

The expansive growth of various industries has skyrocketed the demand for Warehouse Management Systems in the UAE. And a number of companies are increasingly adapting to this highly efficient tool to better manage the daily functions of their warehouse operations. A warehouse management system (WMS) is automation software that helps organizations streamline their operations in the warehouse on a day-to-day basis. WMS helps in increasing productivity, competent management of resources, inventory and distribution channel management, space and allocation, labor management, and optimization of the supply chain. 

UAE is currently in the middle of an economic overhauling where the Sultanate is looking at some ambitious plans to make its economy self-reliant and more vibrant. The government’s comprehensive plans to give a boost to its industries across sectors, especially the logistics industry have also opened up the gates for the warehousing sector for a massive scope of development. In a scenario where most warehouses are now looking to expand their businesses in a growing economy, having a warehouse management system is imperative for smooth functioning. Be it warehouses of any size, storage facilities, retail, e-commerce storage, establishments dealing with the logistics industry, or cargo and supply chain in UAE, every organization’s first priority must be to upgrade itself to the best warehouse management software in UAE to reap its multiple benefits. 

Here are some of the biggest advantages of warehouse management software in Dubai:

Warehouse floor space optimization and lower operating expenses

WMS optimizes the workflow in warehouses by analyzing the floor spaces depending on the task and material. It determines how the available floor space can be best utilized to reduce waste of time, labor, and effort in placing and locating products. This reduces the operational cost by considering the best location for product storage, material and equipment placement, material movement, etc. It also helps in maintaining material rotation based on the first-in, first-out basis or first-in, last-out basis and first-expire, first-out basis. All these processes help in cost-effective use of space and maintain product quality. 

Effective labor management

Labor management is an important aspect of any on-field business. And WMS can help businesses efficiently manage their workforce for better productivity. The software will assist in assigning the right task to the right person depending upon their skill set, their proximity in the warehouse, their already assigned tasks, and equipment. It can also divert the highest-skilled labor to the most important tasks and create labor schedules on a day-to-day basis so that work is divided equally without putting extra pressure on particular labor and leaving others with less work. This kind of labor-management will make the workflow more systematic and reduce wastage of time and talent.

Inventory tracking and management

For any warehouse business, inventory tracking and management is an important task as that is the backbone of the business. Without a well-managed inventory, things can go downstream. WMS can not only manage the inventory properly but businesses can also keep proper track of their materials. This will help in timely dispatches, proper management of incoming inventory, potential redundancy, accurate inventory planning, and allocation and provide retrievable information for all materials stored in the warehouse. Whether you are handling a small warehouse or a large depository space, WMS can help in providing tracking and management services for better efficiency. 

Supply chain optimization

WMS systematizes all processes making the overall functioning of a warehouse system more efficient. This can have a long-lasting positive impact on the supply chain management of the company. Improved internal operations, fast and accurate inventory tracking, timely dispatches, and fine labor management will ensure that there are no delays in any of the several processes in the supply chain. This, subsequently makes the warehouse business more efficient and cost-effective, driving more profit. An improved overall functioning will also ensure that all deliveries reach the end customer on time improving the brand image and functionalities of the warehouse businesses. 

Provides internal automation

Automation is a significant aspect of any warehouse business in the UAE as it helps in a faster and more efficient process. And WMS software can further improve the performances by automating internal processes. From automatic picking and dropping of the material, robotics, data analytics, and analytic supported movements, Artificial Intelligence and labor management can all be benefited from WMS-enabled automated systems. Automation not only allows fast and efficient workflow but also gives businesses the opportunity to grow in a competitive environment. Automated systems allow work to be done in a stipulated amount of time giving businesses a chance to scale up. 

Improved shipment management

Effective time management is essential in the warehousing industry as it highly depends on timely shipments of the consignments. And WMS can help companies with that. It can manage inventory movement and management, optimize plans for scheduled arrivals of inventory, locate and assign the right labor, reduce hold-up issues, decrease waiting time, track and pack inventory, and notify on important tasks making the entire process more efficient and faster. 

Continuous betterment

Warehouse management software is designed in such a way that it supports continuous improvement. It can be implemented in phases so that the businesses can gradually adapt to it and then scale its features for further implementation in the working of their warehouse business. The warehouse industry is also going through a massive transformation in the UAE requiring a system that is adept at scaling possibilities, and WMS provides just that. It is capable of ongoing updates laced with newly developed features that can keep up with the changing demands of the warehouse business. 

A warehouse management system can make a huge difference in the way you operate your business. It allows companies to maximize their efficiency and reduce error. Several companies across UAE are now adapting to WMS for its several benefits, and it is always advisable to change with the changing trends and demands of the industry. 

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