Freight Forwarding

The Cargo Management or the Freight forwarding module of Propel Suite enables the end-to-end management of your freight. Integrated along with Finance and Warehouse & Inventory Management, it takes care of the different activities within the various departments of freight forwarding, such as Sales, Operations (Sea, Air and Land), Transportation, Documentation, Logistics and Finance.

The following sub-modules ensures that you are always abreast with your freight management needs.

  • Sales module
  • Operations module
  • Transport module (linked to fixed assets module)
  • Documentation module (linked to finance module)

The vital segments with the Propel Suite cargo management system are:

  • Quotation section – generate the quotation form.
  • Booking section handle import and export of FCL or LCL bookings
  • Rates section
  • Scheduler section
  • Container Planner
  • Load list & Stuffing Wizard
  • Job Wizard (Job Maintenance)-the core of cargo management system, finance section and cargo management section is directly linked through job wizard
  • Project Cargo Manager
  • Land Transport
  • Cargo Delivery
  • Salesperson wise Budgeting
  • Finance Facilities in Job Wizard
  • Invoice or Agent Credit note
  • Auditing

Highlights of the Freight Forwarding Module:

  • Data exchange capability: Data interchange between branches (Export from one branch can be easily converted to import for another branch without data entry)
  • Handling of multiple schedules
  • Container Management: Container booking, allocation and tracking facility
  • Profit Analysis: Profit analysis based on Sales Person (cost method, sales method), Volume of Cargo, and Weight of cargo, agents, customer, and shipper.
  • MIS Report Generation: Various MIS reports can be generated from the system like the booking details, rates, nominated cargo details, transshipment cargo details, cost sheet, Teus analysis, job statistics analysis, budgeting reports, project cargo reports and various other reports.
  • Flexible rate management module
  • Warehouse Operations: Warehouse operations can be recorded and tracked in the system.
  • Transport management facility
  • Documentation management facility
  • Multiple routing facilities in the job as well as in the quotations
  • Transshipment cargo and Nominated cargo tracking
  • Cargo Shutout tracking
  • Automatic System Generated Email and Faxing

EDI can be generated