Payroll Module

The Payroll solution of Propel Suite is a powerful blend of technology and service excellence that is integrated with the HR and Finance module. A holistic solution for all your payroll challenges, it allows multiple salary processing after taking into account regular salary, overtime, and deductions. The final processing is done as a single final posting to the finance module

Highlights of the Payroll Module:

  • Salary Processing: Salary related operations include monthly salary process, leave salary process, final settlement, employee transfer, provision for travel.
  • Leave, Gratuity & others.: Can create provision for leave, salary and gratuity to each employee.
  • Multiple Salaries: Multiple salary processing and finalised posting in Finance module which cannot be changed further.
  • Other Allowances: Computations like employee travel allowance, monthly earnings, and deductions, over time
  • Multi-currency options: Allows for processing in multiple currencies for ease of use across various geographies
  • Fully Integrated: Features to integrate salary to the access control systems
  • Report Generation Capabilities: Generates 35+ reports to manage the payroll systems.